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Cannabis Offences Information for Adelaide & South Australia Citizens

If you sell a controlled plant or any of its product (cannabis, seeds or part of the plant), or have possession of a controlled plant for that purpose you commit an offence. If you have greater than a trafficable quantity then it is deemed you had it, or its produce for the purpose of sale, unless you can prove otherwise.

It is an offence to cultivate any controlled plant. If you cultivate 1 cannabis plant (without artificial lights, heat, water or nutrients, etc.), then you may receive an expiation notice as long as it was for your personal use. Even if you manufacture 1 cannabis plant hydroponically, you will have to go to court and risk a criminal record.

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If you cultivate a single controlled plant to supply (which includes distributing or offer) to another, or have greater than 5 plants, then you will have to go to court. Remember, if you have more than 10 plants, you are deemed to have a trafficable quantity and will have to prove you did not cultivate or possess them for sale.

If you cultivate greater than 20 plants (including clones) then your matter may have to be heard in the Central District Criminal Court where higher penalties exist.

Generally, cultivation is the growing and tending of the plants, and once harvesting occurs the product is considered to constitute possession. That can lead to unfair outcomes in our view. At Woods & Co we are experienced in negotiating favorable outcomes for our clients.

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