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General Drug Offences Information

Drugs are a significant issue in our society. You may have a loved one who is addicted, or have tried to stop your own drug use. The penalties for drug trafficking and possession for sale are serious indeed. Criminal Assets Confiscation proceedings are now used as the new weapon against drugs. With the internet we are seeing a rise in Commonwealth Importation charges with many illicit drugs coming in via the ‘dark web’ from overseas locations.

As policing methods have evolved so have the best criminal lawyers. At Woods & Co we are aware of the need to be abreast of technology and be able to engage the right experts when and as required. We have defended people successfully with importation charges and high profile drug trafficking charges and taken matters to the Court of Criminal Appeal and even to the High Court of Australia.

drug offence lawyers Adelaide

We are experienced in defending drug charges and just as importantly we make persuasive and convincing submissions on your behalf should you choose to plead guilty. We are adept at helping you decide whether to plead guilty at an early stage and take advantage of statutory discounts. Our experienced solicitors assist you to put the right programmes in place to assist your rehabilitation and obtain a successful court outcome.

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