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Manufacture of Controlled Drugs in Adelaide & South Australia

If you manufacture a controlled drug with the intention to sell it, or while believing another intends to sell it, then you commit an offence. Again, if proven that you were manufacturing greater than a trafficable quantity, then the court presumes you possessed the relevant belief or intent to constitute the offence.

You will need to prove otherwise. In addition, if you manufacture precursors or sell them believing they will be made into a controlled drug, then you also commit an offence.

The seriousness of the offences is determined in part by the amount you intended to manufacture and commercial quantities and large commercial quantities attract significant penalties.

Manufacture of Controlled Drugs in Adelaide & South Australia

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FAQ’s on the manufacturing of controlled drugs in Adelaide

What Is The Penalty For Manufacturing of a Controlled Drug/Substance?

The maximum penalties for manufacturing controlled drugs are:

  • Commercial quantity (usually measured in kilograms): Life imprisonment
  • Marketable quantity (usually measured in grams): 25 years’ imprisonment or 28 years’ imprisonment (if an aggravated offence)
  • Any quantity (i.e., less than a marketable quantity): 10 years’ imprisonment or 12 years’ imprisonment (if an aggravated offence)

The offence will be aggravated if, in carrying out the offence, a child under the age of 14 was exposed to the manufacture of a controlled drug.

The maximum penalties for possessing substance, equipment or instructions for commercial manufacture of controlled drugs is 7 years’ imprisonment.

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