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If you are charged with a sex offence you need advice from someone who is experienced in defending these charges and supporting you. Sexual offences vary considerably, not only in the nature of the allegations themselves but in the seriousness of the charges. We will listen, help and deliver.

Sexual offences always present a difficulty in the community. The community expects that the law will protect vulnerable people such as those underage and other victims of sexual matters. We are also currently experiencing a period where a number of historical offences have been charged.

All sexual matters require a competent and experienced solicitor in order to ensure that your case is properly explored and the issues aired in an appropriate manner. Delicacy, diplomacy and sound tactics are always required.

At Woods & Co Lawyers, we have at any one time numerous clients who have been charged with all types of sexually related matters. Our team is experienced in achieving favourable outcomes. We are passionate about your rights.

If you wish to challenge the charges, you are able to utilize our vast experience and resources in order to ensure a positive outcome. We will listen to your needs and expectations and assist you to deal with the matter appropriately. We are up to date with computer evidence, CCTV footage, and the implications of social media evidence.

If you decide to plead guilty, we will assist you in ensuring that appropriate submissions are placed before the court which focuses upon your remorse, contrition, personal circumstances, and efforts at rehabilitation.

We have acted in many high-profile matters involving, rape, unlawful sexual intercourse, child pornography, indecent assault. We have taken matters to the High Court of Australia and successfully won in the Court of Criminal Appeal. We have been some of the first to take applications to the Supreme Court in respect of Child Sex Registration applications.

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