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Child Sex Offence Law Information

Any offender charged with a sexual offence involving a child is liable to be placed on the Child Sex Offender’s Register. The reporting conditions may remain for 8 years, 15 years or life. However, once the onerous reporting conditions cease the registration itself continues to exist. There are obligations for life which follow. There is always going to be cases where the Legislation acts unfairly by capturing those it probably was not intended for.

In addition, once convicted a person is never allowed to be able to move on with their life without certain legal obligations. This does not occur in any other area of law (except murder) and can lead to unfairness. For instance, a 20 year old boy who has intercourse with a 16 year old girl would be on the register for life and even after reporting conditions ceased, would be subject to certain obligations under the Child Sex Offender’s Registration Act 2006 which would require disclosure to neighbours of the past offending.

Child Sex Offence Lawyers In Adelaide

We at Woods Law have agitated some of the unfair consequences with the Attorney General and we do not apologise for doing so. In addition, we have been one of the first law firms in South Australia to take proceedings in the Supreme Court in respect of life long reporting obligations.

In December 2017 further important Commonwealth provisions were enacted which impact upon overseas travel. Once again we have been at the forefront in challenging those decisions in the Supreme Court of South Australia at the earliest opportunity.

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