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Very few charges create as much public fear and condemnation as a charge of possessing child exploitation material (CEM). It is a serious offence to possesses, distribute or access child pornography. Penalties of actual imprisonment are often imposed, even for first offenders. In our view imprisonment is not necessarily the panacea in all cases. We at Woods Law believe that the communities’ best interests are also served by the offender’s rehabilitation. There is a lot of literature about the causes and factors which influence behaviour in this area. We will assist you to work out your best path to prevent further offending and help you to put those measures in place.

The seriousness of the charge is also measured by a number of factors. The amount and type of child pornography is highly relevant. Most are now categorised in accordance with the English ‘COPINE’ scale. If the offender was closer to the source,or making of the images then it creates further aggravation, as does allegations of dissemination of the material.

Not only are the penalties for CEM significant but offenders bear the life long obligation of being on the Child Sex Offenders Register.

Possession of Child Pornography In Adelaide South Australia

Our experienced and successful team have assisted many people through the court process charged with the above type of offending. It is important to get the right advice at an early stage from criminal law specialists.

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Frequently Asked Possession of Child Pornography Questions

What Is The Charge of Possessing Child Pornography?

South Australian law states that a person who is in possession of child pornography knowing of its pornographic nature or intending to obtain access to child pornography, obtains access to child pornography or takes a step towards obtaining access to child pornography will be guilty of an offence.

A child is defined as a child under, or apparently under, the age of 17 years.

What Is The Penalty For Possessing Child Pornography?

First offence

  • The maximum penalty for a basic offence is five years imprisonment
  • The maximum penalty for an aggravated offence is seven years imprisonment

Subsequent offence

  • The maximum penalty for a subsequent basic offence is seven years imprisonment
  • The maximum penalty for a subsequent aggravated offence is ten years imprisonment

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