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It is always difficult if you are charged with a dishonesty offence. At Woods & Co Lawyers, we are experienced in dealing with all sorts of dishonesty offences. You may be feeling embarrassed and charged with a minor shoplifting offence. We can help you realise you are not alone and assist you through the process. Alternatively, we have also assisted defendants charged with fraud and dishonesty offences where the allegations involve in excess of a million dollars.

We are also very experienced in handling more complex fraud such as Commonwealth Fraud including Taxation offences, Social Security Fraud, and Corporate Fraud. Why leave your destiny to a firm that does not specialise in criminal law? Don’t call a lawyer who does your corporate work – call a criminal law specialist.

More information coming soon in relation to Dishonest Offence Laws in South Australia such as:

  • Fraud
Dishonest Offence Lawyers in Adelaide

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Frequently asked questions in relation to Dishonest Offence Lawyers

What Is The Charge of Dishonest Dealings with Documents?

If you intentionally falsify a document and/or use a false document to deceive another then you may be guilty of an offence [Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA) s 140].

Common examples of this include

  • Doctoring bank statements or mortgage documents,
  • Falsifying medical prescriptions,
  • Statutory declarations (this is also an offence under the Oaths Act 1936 (SA) and is, therefore, a person can be charged under that act instead).

What are the penalties for dishonest dealings with documents?

  • For a basic offence: 10 years imprisonment
  • For an aggravated offence: 15 years imprisonment

Whether the offence is aggravated depends on whether the offence occurred under certain aggravating circumstances. These are listed in s 5AA in Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA). They include (but are not limited to) factors such as whether to offence was committed:

  • Against a victim under the age of 12 or over the age of 60
  • Against a victim who had a particular relationship with the offender (e.g., a child, spouse or domestic partner)
  • In association with a criminal organisation
  • Whilst the offender was in a position of authority or trust
  • Against a victim who was in a position of vulnerability because of physical disability or cognitive impairment.

What Are The Possible Defences For Dishonest Dealings with Documents?

  • Under duress
  • Factual dispute
  • Had a lack of intention
  • Identification dispute
  • Suffer from a mental impairment

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