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Indecent Assault Information

An indecent assault is simply an assault with indecent circumstances. Commonly, it involves the unwanted and unwarranted touching of another’s private region without their consent. Once again, the law does not allow a person under the age of 17 years to consent to any touching.

The same statutory defences that apply to unlawful sexual intercourse have applied to this charge. Further, the age of consent raises to 18 years old if the accused is a person in a position of authority or trust in respect of the complainant.

Consent is obviously a defence, provided the person is sufficiently capable at that time of giving informed consent. An accidental touching such as may occur in a crowded bus or nightclub may also provide a defence.

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Frequently Asked Indecent Assault Questions

What Is The Charge of Indecent Assault?

What the law states according to South Australia. A person who indecently assaults another is guilty of an offence. The offence of indecent assault will be seen as aggravated if the victim at the time was under the age of 14 years.

What Is The Penalty For Indecent Assault?

  • The maximum penalty for a basic offence, one that is not aggravated, is 8 years imprisonment.
  • The maximum penalty for an aggravated offence, one being with a person under the age of 14, is 10 years imprisonment.

Possible Defences

  • there was a lack of intent
  • that you had consent

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