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If you are suspected of having committed or been charged with an assault then it is important that you seek our expert legal advice immediately. Woods & Co Lawyers’ main goal is to protect your rights. 

Our team of criminal lawyers based in the Adelaide CBD will give you timely & expert advice to ensure the best result is achieved. Timely advice can determine if the charge is downgraded or dismissed.

An assault is just one charge you may face in a larger category of charges under Part 3 of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 ‘Offences against the Person’. The charges in this category vary from a ‘Basic Assault’ to ‘Causing Serious Harm with Intent’ or even ‘Murder’.

There are 3 ways in which assault can be committed:

  1. Any intentional and unwanted physical contact applied to another person.
  2. By a threat to assault where the victim reasonably believes that the person can carry out the threat or there is a real possibility that they will.
  3. By accosting or impeding the victim in a threatening manner.

The maximum penalties for an assault vary on a number of important factors including whether harm was caused, or if the offence was aggravated.

The law allows an aggravated offence to be charged in circumstances specified in s5AA of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935.

Commonly this is where the alleged victim is a police officer, domestic partner, or was an offensive weapon if used.

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